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Green Engineering in an open environment

Scalable engineering solutions, adapted-to and integrated-with the environment

    Dynamic, young engineering company, specializing in green engineering in the open environment

    The company – part of the ELBAM Engineering Ltd. Group

    is a sister company to the leading experienced office in its field – Hydromodul Ltd.

    4 main areas of expertise:

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    Planning and engineering answer to industrial construction and commercial real estate

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    Consulting engineering answer to green construction and landscape and environmental architecture

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    Planning, consulting and engineering – answer in the field of land preservation, the usage optimization of water runoff, environmental and agricultural rehabilitation

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    Planning, consulting and engineering answer in the field of alternative energy, solar (PV) farms, and wind turbine farms

    Additional services:

    Environmental hydrology Land preservation River development planning Quarry rehabilitation Agricultural engineering Hydro-geology Infiltration reservoirs Viable engineering

    One Stop Shop

    “The most under one roof”-from the planning of drainage systems and surface runoff,
    to the professional accompanying of planning jobs performed by others.


    The planning scope begins with the regional level to the local level,
    where the offered services are covering the survey and early planning
    and up to the detailed design and overview.


    The company specializes in analysis of an existing situation and considering long-term influences on the areas of runoff flows,
    drainage and land
    preservation, handling gaps within integrated design,
    including various approach and creativity in solutions’ management.



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    If it is about engineering and open environment;
    f it is about infrastructure, innovative and complexity;
    If it is designated for preservation, usage, reclaiming and sustainability – It Is Hydrogreen!

    We are an engineering office which consults and accompany corporations, companies and authorities – in the areas of hydrology (surface runoff) and drainage:

    The head of the company and its CEO, is Eng. Dr. Elazar Bamberger

    An expert in Hydrologic engineering, Hydrometrics and drainage; Agricultural engineering and water engineering; river training and restoration; analysis and control of floods and initiated flooding; and drainage systems (channeling, bridging, conduits, conveyances, volumetric flow rate, percolation and seepage reservoirs).

    Dr. Bamberger is also the owner and CEO of the sister company of Hydrogreen – Hydromodul, which operated in over 30 years and leads the field of drainage engineering; the hydrology; water resources management; water conducting infrastructure; agricultural engineering – and has an accumulated human capital of some 150 years!

    The lead engineer of Hydrogreen Ltd. is Eng. Avner Shaked – A water engineer by profession, and an expert in planning of surface runoff, drainage and land preservation.

    Analyses and planning

    Optimal integrated planning allows design of cheaper and simpler water conveyance systems, while maintaining the requited level of protection from flood damages, minimizing of land erosion, as well as exploitation of natural and free resource of the surface runoff for purposes of extensive environmental development.

    Comprehensive and thorough diagnosis, preventative planning and treatment of drainage and surface runoff problems – including exploitation and reclaiming, avoidance of erosion and damages and infrastructure and conveyance problems – these are critical engineering foundations in every building and development process, with significant fiscal implications.


    Our Projects

    Rehabilitation of Nahal Sorek - Yavne section

    Among our customers

    Beer Sheva Danya Cebus Drainage and valleys south of the Jordan Valley Authority Netivey Israel nikuz sorek Shikun & Binui
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